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Introduction to zonecloud

What is Zonecloud

ZoneCloud is a DNS Cluster software. It provides DNS clustering on mixed web hosting environments with a central point of management. A web interface for managing DNS servers, DNS Zones and Web servers enabling you to add servers, exclude zones, get statistics and more.

Zonecloud works with any web server that runs BIND or PowerDNS server. We have binaries for RHEL / CentOS / Cloudlinux, Debian, Ubuntu LTS and FreeBSD. Zonecloud is Panel independent, meaning it can run with every panel available on the market.


How it Works

  • Zonecloud Agent

    An agent is deployed in every web server. cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, Virtualmin etc or any web server without panel. Is responsible for web server DNS zones. It seeks for changes / new zones / deleted zones and sends the changes into Zonecloud Controller using secured TLS connection (Token + IP Authentication).

  • Zonecloud Controller

    Controller is responsible for distributing DNS zones to DNS servers (Nodes) using secured TLS communications. Checks for changes, duplicate zones, errors, Agents health, uptime and connectivity. Controller is your central point of command.

  • Zonecloud Node

    The Node is deployed in every DNS Server. Two, three, four, or as many as you need. It securely receives zone information from the Controller. It passes every change of zones to the BIND slave DNS server configuration file.


ZoneCloud Agent

Agents are webservers. An agent can be installed on any web server like cPanel servers, DirectAdmin servers, Plesk, no panel servers like Centos, CloudLinux, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD too. Agents are responsible of transferring, updating and informing the Controller of changes / updates of DNS zone information.

ZoneCloud Node

Nodes are the receivers of all DNS zone information. Basically nodes are the DNS servers. Could be two, three, four, no limits on the DNS servers. These are typically Cloud or Bare Metal servers with no other services but DNS only. Of course there is no restriction on that. Other than DNS you can use a node for other services too if you need to.

ZoneCloud Controller

The heart of ZoneCloud. It manages nodes and agents. Checks for errors, duplicate zones etc. It provides logging facilities, user management, adding / removing Agents and Nodes and managing the whole cluster. The controller can also manage more than one DNS Cluster. No limit on that too.

Clustering Possibilities and Features

Multiple types of setups are possible. No need for separate controllers and separate infrastructure. You can run multiple clusters and group of servers in the same Controller.

Example Scenario 1: Simple one group clustering

Example Scenario 2: Multiple Clusters - Groups of servers

Supported Operating Systems and Control Panels

ZoneCloud Controller (web interface): RHEL / CentOS. Apache httpd, MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10+. PHP 7.2 + Ioncube. Not recommended but it can also run on a shared hosting package.

ZoneCloud Agent (web servers): CentOS – RHEL – CloudLinux 6.x , 7.x 8.x. Debian 9 and 10. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. FreeBSD 12

ZoneCloud Node (DNS servers): RHEL / Centos / CloudLinux 7.x and 8.x. Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. RHEL systems (like Centos) with Selinux enabled and bind-chroot recommended.

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