ZoneCloud Controller changelog


v1.6 [14/11/2022]

Add easy configuration for zcloud/named/pdns. More info here.

v1.5.5 [12/10/2022]

Add /api/get-duplicate-zones API endpoint. More info here.

v1.5.4 [5/9/2022]

Fix misspell in API response

v1.5.3 [10/6/2022]

Add /api/exclude-zone & /api/remove-exclude-zone API endpoints. More info here.

v1.5.2 [29/4/2022]

Enhance /api/check_zone_active endpoint with “extra_info=1” parameter

v1.5.1 [5/4/2022]

Add API App feature

v1.4.0 [22/7/2021]

Fix zone shown in duplicate list even if it was in another cluster
v1.3.9 [28/6/2021]

Page title to navbar

v1.3.8 [23/6/2021]

cron zone number check fix

v1.3.7 [22/6/2021]

add preview text in slack notifications

v1.3.4 [20/5/2021]

fix duplicate zones not appearing bug

v1.3.3 [11/5/2021]

DNSTool implementation

v1.2.6 [5/5/2021]

suppress zone number mismatch notifications for X minutes setting

v1.2.5 [29/4/2021]

fix multi-cluster setup notification zone report

v1.2.4 [29/4/2021]

add option to hide zones active on one server only (Duplicate zones list)

v1.2.3 [28/4/2021]

add “Show excluded” option in mass exclude feature

v1.2.1 [27/4/2021]

fix slack notification exception handling

v1.2 [26/4/2021]

mass exclude/remove exclude feature

v1.1.5 [26/2/2021]

  • Selectable slack/email notifications
  • Enhancement in navigation panel

v1.1.4 [5/2/2021]

enhancements on Zones page

v1.1.3 [3/2/2021]

This update brings a toggle under Settings page.
If your controller handles many zones (>10k), the Zones page probably loads a bit slow.
If you enable the “Disable zones complete load” on the Settings page, a search box that allows you to search for a zone instantly will appear.

v1.1.2 [26/1/2021]

  • Descriptive problem reporting on dashboard page
  • Slack notifications
  • RBL check bug fix (in certain setups)
  • Zones gradual loading on zones page

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